PannaPro. Куiv.

23-апреля в г.Киев был проведет турнир по уличному футболу. PannaPro.

Организатором которого был Adidas.

Такие мероприятия помогают развитую уличного футбола и футбольного фристайла в целом.
И победителем стал Sergey Savenok!

Training in football freestyle

Freestyle in Ukraine is popular among children, teenagers and youth. There are so many people who want to go through football training so that we decided to open a football freestyle school. By signing up for classes, you can join this sport, and who knows, maybe become a rising star.

Football freestyle: training for beginners and amateurs
Throw the ball over your head, catch and throw it with your feet, stuff in many different ways, perform all sorts of tricks with the ball – all this you can easily do after training in our school. Are you surprised?

Training for football freestyle is available to everyone, you need only a little patience and a persistent desire for the goal.
First you need to prepare for classes:

To get comfortable shoes and clothes that do not restrict movement;

to acquire a special ball for additional training outside the school;
attend regular classes;
“Do not give up” even if it does not happen right away.
The very first thing you’ll have to face is chasing the ball.

This is the simplest element, after it is learned you can move on to more complex ones.

Football freestyle and training on video things are incompatible, because once with the coach you can learn to perform complex stunts with the ball.

The first serious trick to learn after minting is ATW .. After that, you can go to Crossover.

And you will also learn the trick of the famous freestyle virtuoso Sufian Tuzani – Touzani Around The World, TATW and many others.
Training in freestyle football in Dnepropetrovsk or in other cities of Ukraine is conducted by experienced trainers. You can also order an individual lesson, which will be held without a group, and personally with you.

Do not confuse football and freestyle, teaching these sports is based on completely different rules. In football, the main strategy, running, fighting for the ball, and freestyle is the power of the legs, the effectiveness, the brightness of the tricks. Hurry up to enroll in classes and surprise everyone with your skill!